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Dongming County's Spring Festival 2020 gala news
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January 4,2020 Dalian Dongming Precision Mold Co. , Ltd. in 2020 spring reception in the company's 5th floor Comprehensive Conference Hall.
The conference opened the curtain in the wonderful and sincere New Year's dedication of Mr. Nin, general manager of the company, made a comprehensive and objective summary of the company's development in 2019, and proposed the company's future development ideas and goals in 2020.

This year's annual meeting, the company's staff to create their own exciting morale show, colorful arts programs, exciting raffle activities to the climax of the whole annual meeting.

At the New Year dinner, all the staff raised a glass to celebrate the New Year and wished Dongming a better tomorrow.
The annual meeting in unity, joy, harmony, passion, the atmosphere of the successful conclusion, fully demonstrated the Dongming Staff Unity and progress, positive, enterprising spir
Dongming people will forge ahead with unity, positive, enterprising dongming spirit to create a brilliant future.